About Goodland

Why Us?

Goodland Capital is guided by a founder with over 20 years of hedge fund experience. Recognizing that trust is paramount in the financial industry, we are dedicated to building a reputable, long-term business.


Committed to building a reputable and long-lasting business by prioritizing trust in all our financial dealings.


Our team of experts from banking, property, asset management, and legal sectors ensures comprehensive client support.


Our mission focuses on empowering brokers and borrowers by efficiently and effectively addressing their bridging finance needs.

A Letter from the CEO

Dear Valued Partners,

At Goodland Capital, our journey began with a vision rooted in the dynamic and expanding commercial lending market in Australia. With a robust legal framework and a secure financial environment, we saw immense potential. However, our mission has evolved beyond these foundational insights.

Throughout our operations, we've encountered the challenges borrowers face due to the sluggish government and banking systems, coupled with high labor costs. It's become clear that private funding isn't just an alternative—it's a necessity for many who need to seize business opportunities or resolve pressing issues swiftly. Our tailored solutions have proven to add significant value, bridging gaps that traditional systems often leave open.

Our vision extends far into the future. We are dedicated to building enduring trust between borrowers and brokers. At Goodland Capital, our service transcends mere funding. We strive to add value through our due diligence process, introducing innovative construction technologies and adopting more flexible fee structures. Our ultimate goal is to help our borrowers succeed, enhance housing affordability, and reduce societal operating costs.

As we look ahead, we remain committed to fostering long-term relationships and making a meaningful impact on the financial landscape. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Warm regards,
Hal Weng
CEO, Goodland Capital